Tulip Vase Dainty Flowers Lge

Tulip Vase Dainty Flowers Lge

De Molen Foxton

SKU: D0280

The tulip vase on legs is perhaps the most iconic Delft blue vase ever made.

The tulip vase has been popular for centuries and not only in the Netherlands, but worldwide they can't get enough of this special vase from the Netherlands.

This version is a subtle eye-catcher because we have made the traditional spherical tulip vase slightly larger this time.

This large tulip vase on legs has a traditional Delft blue decoration.

Thanks to this larger version, a beautiful bouquet of flowers can also be accommodated, creating a true oasis of flowers on the table.

Because of the different spouts, the fragile flower stems get the support they need and your bouquet is always perfectly distributed in the vase.

Even without flowers, this vase is a beautiful decoration piece.

Place the vase in the middle of the table or combine it with smaller vases in different shapes and sizes for a beautiful and colorful whole.