Clog Art - National Dutch Week 2022






Klompenkunst - Clog Art - Voor Kinderen



 A National Competition

Laat de (klein)kinderen Rembrandt spelen. Or… Are you still a child at heart? Discover your innerVan Gogh… With something that couldn’t be more Dutch – klompen!

Are you Nederlands? Then you probably have some old clogs sitting by the front door. Don’thave any? That’s a great excuse to go shopping at a local Dutch shop, and get some speculaas at the same time. Or invite yourself to an old friend’s place for a koffie, and see what they’ve got. Or create a clog from papier, karton – or any materials really.

Dust off your clogs and get creative. And (grand)parents…? Help the lil’ ones.

Colourful Art Works – Floating on the River

All children from 1-18 years old can participate. In our national Klompenkunst

- Clog Art Competition - at the Big Dutch Day Out, in Foxton.

The rules are simple:

  • Create a Colourful / Arty Clog: traditional or modern (think Delft Blue / Māori art / Mondriaan / landscape / tulips / kiwi or tui / cows / cheese etc etc)
  • Make sure it can float – 5 metres (on a string)
  • Option: Give it a sail? And create any kind of sailing clog
  • (Grand)parents can help (make it ‘seaworthy’), but the art should be done by the kids
  • Have fun with it all!

And bring your Artwork or Sailing Boat to Foxton, on the Big Dutch Day Out.

(or courier the Clog by Wed 20 April to the address below)

The Judges will check, if it indeed can float. On the calm waters of the Foxton Awa River: Artist Ans Westra / Ambassador Mira Woldberg / MP Marja Lubeck / Johnny Langen.

 The Foxton Windmill Trust; Big Dutch Day Out: Sat 23 April – 11am to 3pm

11.00am      OFFICIAL START of Big Dutch Day Out: Kite Making / Castle Games / Oud-Hollandse Spelen (Odd Old Games) AND… much more: food, art, music etc

12.00am       Ambassador announces OFFICIAL START of Dutch Week - 300 Kites fly up in the air

 1.00pm       Art Competitions Prize Giving: De Molen ‘Diversity’ art + Klompenkunst’ Clog art

Bring/Send Entries to: Clog Competition, Te Awahou Nieuwe Stroom, 92 Main Street, Foxton 4814

Dutch Speech Competition

The National Dutch Speech Competition is back for it's second year and has added a new opportunity by adding in an essay division for those who are perhaps a little bit shy to deliver a speech in person.

The topic of the essay is "Wat kan Nederland leren van Nieuw-Zeeland?" and open to all Year 9-13 students enrolled in a NZ Secondary school. The word limit is 750 to 850 words and must be submitted by 15 April.

The covid response should not be discussed in the essay to ensure that there is a good variety of answers to the question.

The speech competition has two divisions, for year 9-11 the time limit is 2-3 minutes and for year 12&13 it it 3-4 minutes. Pre-entries for this are due on 25 April and the participants must be available to deliver their speech live on the evening of the 29th of April during Dutch week (as well as answer a few questions from the judges).

A unique aspect of our speech competition is that it is available in English or Dutch so not just for native speakers also for those with Dutch Heritage. The topic this year is "My clogs and my jandals".

Some great prizes to be win with the overall winner of the speech competition getting a trip to Wellington to spend the day with the Ambassador.

 For more information go to

National Dutch Week 2022

Get Your Touch of Dutch!

There’s plenty of things to do, eat and enjoy – all over the country – for more than a week. (And much of it is Gratis…!)

Refresh your Nederlandse taal. Sit back, and be taken to the other side of the world met een filmpie. Or get active op de fiets, of op klompen? ‘t Kan allemaal!

Join in – Leuk!

  • Official Launch of ‘Dutch Week’. Met Ambassadeur Mira Woldberg
    Sat 23 April:
    Big Dutch Day Out, in Foxton. Daar bij die Molen en ‘t Oranjehof museum
    300 kids kites join a giant 7m Orange Monkey (in Dutch Week t-shirt)
  • Landmarks lit up oranje at night Sky Tower, Michael Fowler Centre, and more
  • Orange Bike Rides In 10 towns or more
  • Film Festival In the three Big Cities
  • Koningsdag festiviteiten All over the motu
  • Art Exhibition Ans Westra Photographs: after Handboek. Māpuna Kabinet gallery, Foxton
  • National Speech competition + ‘Klompenkunst’ Clog Art competition For youngsters


Find Your Gig? Kom erbij…

For all the info you need? Visit and click on ‘Dutch Week’


The Foxton Windmill Trust BDDO - 2022




 The Foxton Windmill Trust;   Big Dutch Day Out, 2022 

Sat 23 April – 11am to 3pm Te Awahou Riverside Cultural Park, 94 Main Street, Foxton 

VIPs: Her Excellency, Ambassador Mira Woldberg / His Worship Mayor Bernie Wanden / MP Marja Lubeck / MP Ingrid Leary / MP Brooke van Velden / MP Terisa Ngobi 

Highlights: 300 Kites in the Air / Castle Games / Oud-Hollandse Spelen (Old Odd Dutch Games) Montfoort traditional delicacies / Garuda Indonesian / De Molen Stall Dutch fare Vrijmarkt – Kids sell old toys and books on a blanket Vliegers workshop (free!) – Kids make your own kite / Fly your kites… 

Regulars: De Molen + Dutch Deli / 2 Cafés / Oranjehof + Piriharakeke + Flax Stripper museums 


11.00am Ambassador and MPs announce OFFICIAL START of Big Dutch Day Out Mana Whenua: Mihi / Ambassadeur: toespraak / MPs and VIPs speak Finish: Unveil Memorial Plaque: Leon van den Eijkel, at ‘Bonsai Spheres’ sculpture 

11.15am Start of Kites Making / Castle Games / Oud-Hollandse Spelen Acoustic music / Kids play: ‘Klompengooien’ / ‘Zaklopen’ / ‘Steltlopen’ / Vrijmarkt 

11.30am Invitees: Exhibition opening – Ans Westra Photographs: after Handboek Ans Westra expert explains importance of her art / Tony Stam on Accordion 

12.00am Ambassador announces OFFICIAL START of Dutch Week 300 Kites fly up in the air – Join a Giant 7m Orange Monkey in Dutch Week t-shirt Straatorgel De Lieve Stem plays Wilhelmus national anthem 

1.00pm Competitions Prize Giving: De Molen ‘Diversity’ art + ‘Klompenkunst’ clog art 

2.00pm Finish of official programme / Entertainment continues until 3pm 





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