Koopmans Pannenkocken Mix

Koopmans Pannenkocken Mix

De Molen Foxton

SKU: 50325C

A yummy pancake mixture for you to cook at home and enjoy.

With one pack of Koopmans Pannenkoeken Origineel you can make approx. 11 to 13 pancakes.

How do I make pancakes original?

I need:

 1 pack of Koopmans Pannekoeken Origineel
 8 dl (850 ml) milk (with 400 g mixture)
 2 eggs

   - Put the pancake mixture in a batter bowl and add half the milk.
   - Mix the mixture with a whisk or mixer until smooth.
   - Add the rest of the milk and the eggs while stirring.
   - Heat a little butter or a dash of oil in a frying pan.
   - Pour a little batter into the pan, pour over the bottom and fry the pancakes until golden brown on both sides.
   - Serve the pancakes with syrup, sugar or jam.