Flower Pot Blue Blossom 2

Flower Pot Blue Blossom 2

De Molen Foxton

SKU: TW902009

This nice flower pot is part of the Blue Blossom collection by Debbie Wijskamp.

This designer always likes to explore the possibilities of the material she works with.

“I work a lot with natural materials and textures.

Blauw Bloesem is inspired by centuries-old tableware and excavated pottery.

I like it when you can see that pottery has a history and that it has been used.

And I love the texture of pottery that has been underground for so long. 

It is special what time does to an object.

As if you have a rough stone in your hand instead of a polished plate or in this case a flower pot.

 The flowerpot has a rough bottom, but a polished top that is richly decorated with a Delft blue blossom that seems to crawl out of the flowerpot.

The pot has a playful convex shape.

The flower pot has no holes, so be careful not to get too much water in it.