Blue Blossom Breakfast Plate

Blue Blossom Breakfast Plate

De Molen Foxton

SKU: TW202002

The Blauw Bloesem collection can be recognized by its characteristic edge, which is reminiscent of old pottery.

Because this edge is designed by hand, deviations in color and structure may occur.

 According to designer Debbie Wijskamp, ​​there is a lot of beauty hidden in the transient and imperfect.

She provides proof of this with the Blauw Bloesem tableware.

The Blauw Bloesem tableware is characterized by classic, round shapes and soft lines.

This makes the textures and Delft blue decorations stand out.

Normally there are large decorations on Delft blue tableware. but I wanted to take out small parts and place them on one side of the pottery.

The decoration, as it were, crawls out of the edge.

This gives the tableware a calm appearance and it ensures that the decoration is clearly visible, whatever is being eaten or drunk.

Suppose you make a beautiful plate, then you place the food nicely in the middle, without the decoration getting in the way.