Tulip Vase Heart Shape

Tulip Vase Heart Shape
Tulip Vase Heart Shape
Tulip Vase Heart Shape
Tulip Vase Heart Shape

De Molen Foxton

SKU: JO373

The tulip vase is perhaps the most iconic Delft blue vase available.

 Over the centuries, the tulip vase has undergone several transformations, but the basis of the design has remained virtually the same.

This modern version of the original heart-shaped tulip vase is part of the Sharing Moments collection by Janny van der Heijden.

The queen of the kitchen has previously released a beautiful tableware that focuses on lush tulips and hilarious monkeys.

Now she has expanded the collection with matching vases.

This way you can really dress up the dining table beautifully and completely!

This tulip vase immediately catches the eye due to its special 3D heart-shaped design.

 This way you can see a perfect heart shape from every angle and create a true sea of ​​flowers.

 The different spouts make it very easy to arrange a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Each flower receives sufficient support through the spout and there is always some distance between the flowers, so that the bouquet does not sink away like a normal vase.

The tulip vase has a modern look and is decorated with Delft blue, lush tulips in the style of a loose watercolor.

A beautiful decoration piece, with or without flowers!