Blauw Vouw Cereal Bowl

Blauw Vouw Cereal Bowl

De Molen Foxton

SKU: TW103003

The ceramic traditions of Asia and The Netherlands are inseparably connected with each other.

To honour this link, Romy Kühne designed the tableware set 'Blauw Vouw' (Blue Fold). A surprise meeting of the Asian folding art Origami and the Dutch Delft blue. The set contains three plates and three bowls.

The work of Romy Kühne is characterised by geometric shapes and attention to handicraft. “In a time where mass-production and 'fast' techniques such as 3D-printing are leading in design, I want to conserve the traditional crafts. That is why I combine crafts and modern techniques. The tableware set 'Blauw Vouw' is a perfect example.”

Size: H 7 cm, Ø 16 cm, inhoud 480 ml