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About De Molen.

De Molen has been part of the Foxton community since 1997.
The story of De Molen's inception is well known, however, it's completion only came about with generous support from far and wide and now De Molen serves to attract new and returning visitors, supporters and locals to Foxton and surrounding areas.
The Foxton Windmill Trust is charged with keeping the Mill turning and employing local staff and volunteers at De Molen and also at Cafe De Molen.
Some numbers:
Employed staff: 18
Volunteers: 10
2019 - 37,000
2020 - 29,646 (Yay Covid!)
2021 - January to April 16,940 

Visitor numbers to date are a minimum count to climb De Molen, we have a manual count and only people who are not recognised by staff on the counter are added, so the actual number will be much higher, we are working on a more accurate system. This is a good number of visitors to De Molen and a catalyst for the rest of Foxton and the Beach to build on.
We thank everyone who visits and contributes to keeping De Molen turning. 

The Big Dutch Day Out 2021.

We are over a week past the Big Dutch Day Out.
The Big Dutch Day Out has been hosted by the Windmill Trust since 2013 and with the exception of lockdown in 2020, each year has seen an increase in attendance and support for De Molen, while also bringing visitors to the greater Foxton Area.
The ideas behind the day are to support De Molen's upkeep and to bring a little bit of the Dutch culture to all kiwis even for just a part of one day.

Traditional food, games, music and costume of the Netherlands were all on show again and enjoyed by many.

So much of the day is bought about by volunteers who donate time and enthusiasm to make the day, year after year a success. Our sincere thanks go to those who set up marquees, games, played games with the kids (older and younger) cooked food, directed visitors, manned gates and doors and then at the end of the day packed everything up, safely for next year.
The BDDO was a wonderful day again and it was noted that, more locals than ever came along.

Numbers through the doors at De Molen @1600..... it got a little busy inside the Mill!

We thank you all wholeheartedly for coming along.

National Dutch Week

Dutch week was officially launched by The Hon. Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Minister for Diversity, Inclusion and Ethnic Communities, together with Dutch Ambassador Mira Woldberg on Saturday 24 April, and was timed to coincide with the Big Dutch Day Out, to celebrate the nation’s first ever Dutch Week. Saturday 24 April to Sunday 2 May.

The aim of a week of activities, is to highlight and celebrate the culture, language, arts, food and heritage of the Dutch immigrant diaspora – now an integral part of the diverse fabric of Aotearoa New Zealand.

We, of course were delighted and honoured to have many distinguished guests join us for the day, including, The Hon. Priyanca Radhakrishnan, Dutch Ambassador Mira Woldberg, Dutch born MP Marja Lubeck, Mayor Bernie Wanden, Matua Robin Hapi, Mr Boyd Klapp, MP Tangi Utikere, MP Terisa Ngobi, Matua Toha Epiraima, Matua Justin Tamihana. Thank you for taking time to be with us. 

We did discover that a certain Minister has a weakness for Dropjes.... 

Dutch week had an excellent start with Te Awahou-Foxton and De Molen being front and centre of the start to celebrations, and rightly so.

Congratulations and thank you to all those, mostly volunteers, who contributed to making the Big Dutch Day Out and Dutch Week a success.

De Molen Maintenance.
De Molen underwent its annual maintenance check this week and came through really well, there are just a few bits and pieces that need attention but De Molen can keep turning happily.
The work will be undertaken between Caldow Builder's staff and our Millers Johnny and Roeland over the coming weeks.
We are grateful for the support from local building contractors Caldow Builders, Rodney and his team have been an invaluable support to us in maintaining De Molen over the years, including the rebuild of the sails in 2019.
We conduct two check ups annually and every five years we bring out a representative from Vaags, the mill builders, from the Netherlands to keep an eye on De Molen at a more detailed level. 
Now that we have two millers on board, we can keep up with day to day maintenance so we can keep confidently producing flour for sale in store and seeking out sales around New Zealand.  

Hopefully you have had a chance to enjoy the changes at the "Cafe de Molen" a new name, a change in decor, a new menu and a new logo.
We wanted to bring a more relaxing feel to the Cafe, incorporating some of our favourite colours.

We need to express our thanks and gratitude for the support we had from; Resene Paints NZ, ITM Foxton, Shane the builder, Dave the painter, Cohen’s Business centre, Justin the electrician, Alex Harris the plumber, Sublime Coffee, Andre at Lena Signs and Frank Slobbe the plumber, who rescued us on our opening day, from a burst water pipe that flooded our entire "new" floor the previous night.

We have updated the menu also, with the help of Murray, our on-site chef and his team, offering a selection of proven favourites and some new offerings of Dutch/Kiwi fusion.
We are using Turks (Foxton) Chicken products and bread crafted at Foxton's Grain Heaven, from our flour milled in De Molen.
We endeavour to use locally produced products where we can and update our menus seasonally.

If you haven't been to see the "new" Cafe De Molen yet, make a trip soon, the food and coffee are wonderful, the view is uniquely amazing and you most likely helped create it all.

Before and After
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